👋 Hi!

I'm Juan Manuel and I design software for human rights defenders.

I also love photography.

This page is a tribute to my late father, and to my mother, who's always been there encouraging me to follow my dreams.

On photography.

Photography is very special to me. I started early on but then stopped for some years after loosing 10+ years of photos and projects, into the hands of armed robbers just outside my house in Quito. I thought I'll never get back to making and taking pictures, but by the end of 2018, I started to feel that something was missing in my "creative" life. Then it just hit me, I knew I wanted to rediscover photography.

I'm still not able to define what is in photography that makes it so important to me, but there's just something magical about freezing a slice of space and time, capturing a very narrow perception of light and color, and documenting life itself.

While it's still just a hobby, photography is the medium that makes me feel the flow of "creative freedom" in its purest form. You know, that moment when you and everything around cease to exist, for the sake of creating whatever you're creating.

A selfless state of the mind.

I'm looking forward to capture more moments on a project base approach, create portraits of people, learn their stories, and with that, learn more about life and the world that surrounds us.

If you have any ideas and want to collaborate with me, shoot me a message here or on instagram, and let's make some magic happen. 

Until we meet 🖖